Friday, June 08, 2012

Innovation of the Day

Now this is innovation.  Tablets have one advantage over ultrabooks and smartphones that I think is largely overlooked.  They are the perfect size for physical interaction as well as technological interaction.

Just as one example, how about using your tablet as a cutting board for cooking?  If you are already using it to download the recipe, you now only need one object to clutter the countertop. 

But wait – there’s more!!  It also has a digital scale to weigh the food.  How many times have you used too much salt, too much water, too little oil?  No worries, your tablet will weight it for you.

So here is my use case story. 
  • Jonathan is no great cook (or he would already have the tools) but he invited over the new girlfriend for dinner.  He doesn’t want to serve her cardboard chicken and dry pilaf.  He has no clue how thick chicken “strips” are when raw.  Too thin and they get dry.  Too thick and they are raw in the middle. So he puts the chicken on top of the tablet screen so he can see a picture of the size it is supposed to be as he is cutting.
  • Now he needs the flour for the breading.  What is 1 cup?  If he has a measuring cup, does it have to be flat?  Heaping?  He doesn’t even have one - can he use his beer cup?  Yup – that works too.  Just pour enough flour until you get 125 grams. 
  • Then he plugs the thermometer attachment into the tablet and sticks it into the chicken.  When it hits the temperature required by the recipe (he doesn’t even have to know that this is 160 degrees), it beeps and he takes the pan off the stove.  Perfectly done.

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