Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dolphin Stadium

Here is a better example of finding a customer need and satisfying it. One of the worst part of going to a live sporting event is that the lines to get food take longer than the time-outs. So if you want to eat, you either have to find someone hawking your favorite food row by row, or you have to miss some of the game.

Not anymore at Dolphin Stadium (and many others). Their new wireless Internet will include a system where you can order food and have it delivered to your seat. They have not set any delivery fee yet, but at the prices of stadium food, it can't be that much worse. This is a customer requirement that is worth some design effort !!

They are also adding a service to take pictures of the fans in their seats using the kinds of camera angles you see on TV. Is this a need too? I guess even if they get 1% of the fans, that is still thousands of sales a year. But I would rather bring my own camera.


Diego Chahin said...

This is a very interesting option for customers. However, there is a question that immediately came to my mind: If they are in the stadium they would have to bring something with them that allows them to access the internet right?.

A laptop would be a hassle. So a internet capable cellphone would be better. Now, I don't know how many average Dolphins fans, or Marlins fans have internet capable cellphones, but it may be interesting to look into it.

Actually I know a lot of people who have internet capable cellphones but don't really know how to use them. I don't know if whoever created this new system thought of this, but it is just something that jumps right out.

marc said...

Your points are all well taken, except that the Stadium thought of this. They have devices chained to the front of the seats. So everyone gets access. Of course, this adds to the capital costs and maintenance costs, but with the price of Stadium food, I guess they figure it is worth it.