Saturday, February 07, 2009

Dumb car design blunders

This has me really wondering. Its a short article outlining nine blunders that the major car brands made in designing their cockpits. Some of them are so obvious that I can't imagine a halfway decent human factors analysis could have uncovered them and saved the companies millions in redesigns, lost sales, and possible lawsuits when they cause someone to crash. They range from simple ergonomic issues like a handbrake that bruises anyone taller than 5'8" to a touch screen on the dashboard that requires taking your eyes off the road for several consecutive seconds to use.


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Ariel said...

Ah, the idrive. One of those great examples where you don't need a technology background to see how atrocious the design is. Even the learning curve argument doesn't sit quite right, as most of that learning will take place in a moving vehicle where the consequences of distraction and error are serious. I remember well the first time I experienced one while driving a friend's BMW, thinking it was worse than poorly designed, it was downright dangerous.