Friday, June 11, 2010


Now that 3D TV is on the horizon (it's even here for some early adopters), I was thinking about some of the consequences if glasses are needed:

1. If you break your 3D glasses, you can't watch TV. Is that a high enough risk to make it not worth it? How sturdy would they have to be?

2. If you misplace your 3D glasses (they are next to the remote, the car keys, and the extra sock from the drier :-D), you can't watch TV. How much of a hassle is that?

3. How many pairs of 3D glasses would you need? When I have friends over to watch the "big game", it could be 20. Does that mean I need 20 pairs? Could they bring their own, or would each brand of TV have different glasses? Is it worth getting 3D if it means not having parties any more? I know lots of people over the years that did the same thing with Lost, Sex in the City, and many other shows.

4. Would the 3D glasses make you look goofy? Personally, this isn't a big deal for me (watching at home), but for some people, especially with friends over, it could be.

5. What other negatives are there? Could all of these slow down the adoption of 3D TV??

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Amir said...

Just had some time to catch up on some of your posts...You may already have the answer to this but here it goes:

1. & 2. You TV will have a function that switches back and forth between 3D and normal TV so you actually don't always have to have the glasses on.

3. Yes it sucks big time that you would need a lot of pairs of glasses and at 150 - 200 a pop that an expensive thing to have...But yes your friends glasses will work on your TV. For the most part the glasses are universal...

The reason the glasses are expensive is because with 3d you are laying the picture over picture. at the movies there a shutter in front of the lens that converts that to 3d and you can wear cheap glasses that cost nothing. At your home you don't have this expensive shutter system /projector setup so the active shutter system is actually in your glasses which is why you need batteries in them and why they are so expensive....

Overall this is overrated...Networks can't justify the cost of producing content in 3D so its not going to happen anytime soon especially when 20% of the population are still on rabbit ears.

Some companies are already coming out with 3d TV that don't need glasses so if you really want this...Just Wait!