Thursday, August 11, 2011

Turning lemons into lemonade

Yesterday on Fresh Air there was an interview with Hugh Herr.  He has quite a remarkable story.  He is a double amputee below the knees of both legs.  How did he respond?  He went to MIT to study bioengineering, specializing in the design of prosthetics. 

He even designed himself a custom set of legs that are adjustable to make him anywhere from 5' to 7' tall.  He played a joke at the start of college, starting out at 5' and adding one inch every day until someone noticed.  He said it took about a week. Now, he keeps them at about 6'3" so that he is an imposing figure but not an oddity.

I hope that if I ever experience something as serious as a double leg amputation (or even half as serious) I can leverage it the way he did.

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