Friday, June 15, 2012


Liquiglide is the innovation of the day for many reasons.  They competed in this year's MIT entrepreneurship competition, winning the crowd favorite award but not the cash prize from the official judges. 

So what is it?  If is a coating that you can put inside a bottle to make the contents come out easier, faster, and more completely.  No more "anticipation" for your Heinz. 

I love this innovation for three reasons. The UX advocate in me loves that it is not a whiz bang bell and whistle add-on.  It is a great example of a ubiquitous innovation.  The user shouldn't even know it is there - it just makes many of his/her other products work better.

Second, it is green in the most common sense.  It is made out of plant-based compounds.  No increased reliance on petrochemicals.  No hazardous waste - even at the factory.

Third, it is green in the more overriding sense.  Do you know how much ketchup, mayo, shampoo, hand lotion etc etc etc is thrown away every year because it is stuck in the bottom of a bottle?  So Liquiglide also reduces the need to make more of all of this stuff by 5-10% across the board.  This is both environmentally incredible and money saving for pretty much every consumer out there.  We all buy tons of these kinds of bottles. 

So it saves money, reduces food waste and health and beauty product waste, reduces petrochemical use, is environmentally friendly itself . . .

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