Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can America Compete?

There is a fantastic compilation of economic analyses in Harvard Magazine.  They present a series of interviews in which incredibly knowledgeable and insightful thought leaders describe something they wrote a Harvard Business Review article about recently.  An added perk is that they made the cited HBR articles available for free for the next month.

What I like best about this article is that in less than 20 pages you can learn more about the current state of the economy, what to expect in the near future, what we need to do going forward – basically the wisdom of a generation in about 30 minutes of reading. 

Authors include Michael Porter and Jan Rivkin (on US competitiveness), Wally Shih (on manufacturing in the US), Mihir Desai (the future of compensation and performance incentives), Thomas Kochan (on the workforce and jobs), Rosabeth Moss Kanter (on the business ecosystem), and David Moss (on political dysfunction). 

I can’t recommend enough to anyone who has a job, wants a job, cares about the country, cares about the economy, plans to vote,  or is interested in the way the world works to read this article.  Even if you know a lot already about these topics, you will learn even more.  And if you don’t know much, this is essential reading. 

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