Friday, August 01, 2014

This Week in EID – Episode 14

Did anyone catch Thursday’s post on the Airbus bicycle seat?  Of course, pretty much everyone panned the idea and Airbus quickly released a statement that it was just an idea, just a patent, and they had no plans to actually implement them in any airplanes any time soon.  But I think my idea is a good way to salvage it.  Sitting on a bicycle seat would really suck in a transatlantic flight.  But if you are actually in a transatlantic spinning class . . . .

On Wednesday, we talked about the fundamental differences between designing a training program to teach a skill versus a training program to teach knowledge.  The way these types of information are structured in memory is completely different and even in different parts of the brain. So getting it in there has to be different as well.

My metacognition story got more response than any post in EID history. As I write this, there are 20 comments on one Linked In group and 10 on another.  And they just keep coming.  Too bad no one comments on the EID site !!!  That would make it so much easier to keep track.  Oh well, that is what happens with reposting social media strategies.

But Monday was my favorite because it is a topic that I care so much about.  It covered motivation and priming, self-delusion and ethics, and cites one of my top 100 thought leaders – Francesca Gino at Harvard B-School.  Turns out that when you prime people with thoughts of money, they get selfish.  But when you prime them with thoughts of time, they get less selfish.  Apparently, time makes us appreciate the really important things in life, like spending time with friends.

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