Saturday, September 20, 2014

Studio Journal Episode 12 – Life is too short

I completely lost Thursday and Friday at work (a topic for another day maybe) so I have to work this weekend.  I made my weekly trip over the shelter to donate a bunch of stuff (I am really trying to do that every week now).  On the way, I noticed that today was the Waltham town fair.  So I walked around for a bit to check it out.

Then on the way home from there, I passed by the Waltham Farmers Market, which is on Saturdays  through the end of October.  So I walked around for a bit. 

Here I am at 3pm and just getting to work.   But living close to things like town fairs and farmers markets is the main reason I moved to downtown Waltham.  So I don’t regret my morning distraction for a second.

Life is too short to waste it seeking immortality.

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