Friday, March 06, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 44

What a week!  In a way it flew by, but in part that is because the work just kept piling up.  But on the positive side, we got some great response to the EID articles this week.

The Thursday post on the dystopian smart home resonated with a lot of people.  It also helps when a columnist at Fortune Magazine tweets out a link to the article.  We got several new subscribers just from that.  But the great comments we got on Linked In convinced me to submit a paper to the HFES conference on the topic.  And a version of this is already scheduled to be published by the Bentley PreparedU Project, which is a partnership we have with Bloomberg.  Exciting stuff.

I got a lot of pushback on the article about displaced revenge.  It is a psychological phenomenon that I was talking about, not a recommendation.  But many readers were worried that I was encouraging readers to take out their frustrations on people, which is not always the best way to vent your anger.  Good points!!

The post on leveraging our self-delusion skills to increase our happiness through attribution bias was a good one, if only because I love giving people proven ways to increase their happiness.  The world can certainly use more of it. And I don’t mind giving EID readers some advantage in getting there.

I was actually surprised that there was not more reaction to Monday’s post on education.  Usually, anything with a political dimension to it evokes an emotional response.  And when covering controversial topics like abortion, same sex marriage, etc. that just doubles it.  But not this time.  Maybe because it was a Monday.  Monday’s are like that, aren’t they?

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