Friday, April 24, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 51

We have a new feature on EID this week: our Hall of Fame article. On Monday we republished an earlier piece on eReaders.  France when through our analytics for the year and picked out the one that was read the most.  Many of you probably still missed it, so this is our attempt to save you from your own inattention :-). 

Then on Tuesday we started a new series: socially responsible human factors and ergonomics.  Kind of like corporate CSR, but with the idea that we can apply our tried and true methods and principles in ways that increase the general welfare.  Perhaps the environment. Perhaps global health. Perhaps global happiness.  I am not sure how many of these we will do, but at least a few.  This week we featured pre-cycling and the article next week will continue the idea with an article on up-cycling.

On Wednesday, we continued the “Fun with Words” series. Another great and amusing example of the government getting caught up on the meaning of one or two terms in a 400-page legislation and going to court about it.  And not using anything resembling user centered design to decide.

Finally, we summarized the human factors and ergonomics principles that were common among Fortune Magazine’s Best Places to Work. It should be no surprise that there are so many.  After all, that is what we do. We make the company happy by making the employee effective and efficient and make the employee happy by satisfying their personal motivations, both intrinsic like expertise self-expression and extrinsic like money and socializing.

Hope you liked them!!

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