Friday, June 19, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 59

This week, we ended with our first guest article from EID site manager France Jackson. If you didn’t read her post, I recommend it. It was about working at home and demanding some help from your employer on setting it up to maximize your productivity and your comfort.

The other three articles follow our normal schedule.  On Innovation Monday, I talked about adding GPS capability to our umbrellas so we can find the ones we lose. To me, this is one of those features that is not exactly annoying (unless I get notifications), but it doesn’t seem particularly useful either.

Tuesday was an interesting case of one of my favorite topics, the way our brains process information that doesn’t follow what people refer to as rationality.  In this case, it is the staying power of first impressions and why it is so hard to change our minds.

Wednesday was a safety in practice article.  We focused on safety practices and mixed motivations in the Bakken oil fields.  Because of the gold rush mentality, safety often goes out the window.

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