Friday, August 14, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 67

We had to work through a few technical difficulties this week on EID, but thankfully we have four great posts to share. 

The extreme team article got a lot of comment on LinkedIn, including some folks with a ton of experience in this area.  One had been on an expedition to the North Pole and worked with the European Space Agency.  It is amazing what great discussion a good topic will evoke.

The piece on synesthesia got retweeted from some synesthesia organizations and curation accounts.  So I would imagine it was seen by quite a few people, although I didn’t count.

The trademark lawsuit topic didn’t get a lot of response.  But that is one of those legal topics that I really love, and I relish the opportunity to share my thoughts on it.  If anyone read, learned, but didn’t respond – that is a bonus.

Finally, we shared an interesting innovation for reducing medication errors.  This one hit some nerves.  Medical error is a sensitive topic so I was not surprised.  Since the article just came out yesterday, I imagine there is a lot more to come.  I eagerly anticipate your thoughts.

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