Friday, October 16, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 76

I have been overwhelmed this week with the huge response to recent posts.  Every morning when I log in to my email, I have dozens of notifications of new comments on Linked In, the EID site, and Facebook.  Wow.  I have to figure out what the magic sauce was for these posts and keep it up. Notice – I said magic sauce rather than keyword analytics. Sometimes it is the human intuitive sense that works best.

Some of the comments were on-going from last week.  But those were covered in last week’s recap.  So I will stick to the ones from this week here.

There were some strong opinions about the article on selfies.  It seems we love them or we hate them. But the facts are still the facts.  Even if you are focusing on the world around you when taking the selfie, you are adding a level of abstraction that reduces and shifts your memory of it.  It is just the way the brain works.

In stark contrast, the response to the article on the post-op instructions I got after my surgery was universally positive.  I guess I got the sympathy vote there. 

Another article that got a ton of immediate response was the article on reverse check-ins.  This is not surprising, since we all have those moments where we need some alone time. 

It is too soon to judge the response to the last post of the week on expertise. If you are interested in intelligence, persistence, talent, and expertise – give this one a read and let us know what you think.

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