Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Studio Journal Episode 4 – Are my moving dates flexible?

OK, this one is real kick in the pants.  I got a call today from my future landlord asking me if my moving date is flexible.  They have several people moving in on September 1 and they need some to shift a day or two forward or back to accommodate the rush.

What makes this insane is that I was begging them to move the date a month ago when I signed the lease (story here).  But they would not budge.  I pleaded.  No luck.  I even asked/begged/pleaded to change the hour of my move earlier (from 5pm to early afternoon). They refused to give up even a day of rent and moving up the time was not possible either because they needed time for the paint to dry.  I wanted new paint didn’t I?

Now that I have locked in a move-out date from my current apartment and reserved the movers for the afternoon, all of a sudden they want me to be flexible.  I am guessing that everyone is in the same boat as me.  Movers get booked up and can’t move at a week’s notice.  Move out dates get locked in because a new tenant signs a lease to move in, so changing the date creates a chain of problems.  I experienced this the hard way when I signed my lease in the first place.  And they should know – they are landlords and have new tenants and departing tenants 100 times a year. 

Give me a break!!!

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