Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Avoiding the long line at the bar

There is a bar in Amsterdam that has solved the problem of long lines at the bar. They have incorporated minibars all along a huge wall. Each minibar has a selection of drinks so you can pick out whatever you like. You have to leave your drivers license with the concierge in exchange for they key so that they can charge you at the end. They also have snack minibars. I can't say if the prices are competitive because I don't know what regular bars charge in Amsterdam, but beer is EU 3.50, wine is EU 5.50, and liquors range from EU 4.20 to 6.50.

Interesting idea in customer service innovation. It follows the growing do it yourself trend (e.g. online airport check-in, pay at the pump gas). People like control and are willing to serve themselves if it saves time or money.