Friday, May 09, 2014

EID Summary of the Week

Another great week at the EID Blog.  It’s almost like I write these posts myself J. 

First, we started out with a piece on native advertising.  This is a really hot topic throughout the marketing world, but just a blip on the radar in UX.  What I find fascinating about it is that it combines a lot of psychology, emotion, ethics, business, technology, design – just the kind of . . . . . hyper-disciplinary (if I may coin a term) topic that gets my cerebral juices flowing.

Then on Tuesday we hit one of my other favorite topics, using paternalistic nudges to improve important behaviors like food choices.  I shared a great new idea from the Smarter Lunchroom Movement.  If you haven’t heard of that, make sure to check out my blog post and the organization.

On Wednesday we took a step back (figuratively) with a look at background monitoring.  Not for security or anything Big Brother-ish but to model your behavior and give you feedback on how to improve.  I used the example of TV personality Galvin on Galvin, who came up with the great idea to have his teleprompter shut off when he slouches, forcing him to sit up straight.

Then we closed the week (yeah, the blog is on the 30 hour workweek) on Thursday with a post from two of my favorite sources: Innovation Hub and TED.  Both of these had stories on human resources subjects that caught my eye.  With my special powers of insight, I found a parallel between them and shared them.