Friday, September 05, 2014

This Week in EID Episode 18/19

Another double episode of “This Week in EID.”  Because of my move, I missed last week.  Too busy packing. 

But I think rather than going post by post this week, I will share some higher level thoughts.

It turns out that ethics is consistently the hottest topic for discussion.  Some of my cross links of the ethics posts, especially the one on OKCupid, launched some serious discussions on Linked In.  Surprisingly, the posts that share some unique and innovative product designs don’t get much response.  You read those posts, and maybe think about them on your own, but don’t reply.  I guess if the designs speak for themselves, I should expect that. 

Another surprise is that some of the posts I expect to be controversial also don’t seem to get comments.  This is actually a nice surprise because from what I hear from other bloggers, controversial topics are more likely to result in flame wars than intelligent debate.  I am really glad that the EID readership doesn’t fall into this category.

Our analytics (huge thanks to Keith for keeping up on these) indicates that we are gaining traction in readership.  Still not a lot of comments, but a lot more page views and shares.  That is a good sign.  Eventually, we should be at the critical mass so that the time I spend every day writing these articles bears fruit.  Oh boy I can’t wait for that.

So enjoy the posts, keep on reading, start commenting when you feel like it, and I will be back next week with the usual episode summaries.