Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Ergonomics in Design

You may notice my volume here has gone down a little.  I am now splitting my blogging activities into two streams.  This site will continue to have my usual meandering thoughts about a variety of topics, usually tying them in a roundabout way to human behavior and design.

I also have taken on the role of publishing a curated site over at for the HFES design journal of the same name.  That is curated, so the idea is for me to find an interesting article or idea and start a conversation around it.  I recommend checking this out if you haven't already.  There are some pretty good topics covered over there.  And since the site has a web manager, the aesthetics are a lot better too.

I will continue to post links to both of these on my Facebook page and Twitter feed, so if you are following me there you can keep getting those reminders.