Tuesday, September 09, 2014

"Rewards" and "gifts" that are hardly rewards and gifts.

I am really tired of companies that offer you a “benefit” or a “gift” or some “loyalty reward” that consists of $5 off a $25 purchase or a free dessert with purchase of dinner.  Who in their right minds thinks of this as a “gift” or as “free”?  Given the way business finance works, the cost of getting you in the door and serving you is most of their costs.  In many cases (e.g. companies with a halfway decent margin), they can shower you with these kinds of discounts all day and not lose their profitability.  And when you have to pay a considerable amount to get the freebie, it is not really a gift or a reward.  It is simply BS.  And we know it, don’t we?  If anything, I lose loyalty for companies that do this, because I think of them as hypocrites rather than whatever brand image they are promoting. 

I propose a boycott of all companies that try to manipulate us this way !!!  Who is with me?  Let's  revolt!