Friday, August 07, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 66

This Week in EID - Episode 66

This week, we covered a variety of topics in EID. 

Monday was one of my favorite innovations of the year, the Lego prosthetic arm. I can see why it makes kids’ friends jealous.  But more importantly, it removes the stigma of their missing arm. 

Tuesday, I shared some data that contradicts one of my favorite topics.  I am somewhat proud of my willingness to post the contradictions. As much as we all think we do this, our powers of self-delusion often prevent it. Unconsciously, so we never even realize.  This is why I go on about the importance of metacognition now and again.

Wednesday and Thursday were both thought provoking topics.  How much do we need to protect our kids from their Internet use? At what ages?  To what ends?  Then Thursday was on taking a stand, having an opinion, being authentic. It is a useful strategy for leaders, brands, and individuals.

Have a great weekend.