Saturday, November 07, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 79

We continued our recap of the HFES Annual Meeting on EID this week. There were so many great events there, it might take a bit longer still.  We will be mixing in some other topics going forward as well.  Look forward to it.

We started the week off with France’s narrative of her experience in the UX Day Leadership Development Workshop.  This is one of the more innovative components of the program. It is an invitation-only exclusive event designed to identify the future leaders of the UX profession and help accelerate them in that direction. This year’s cohort was made up of some very impressive young professionals (such as France) and we have high hopes for their futures.

Tuesday covered the UX Day Design Challenge. This was a really fun session and we own a special thanks to Bridget Lewis for making it happen and to United Technologies for sponsoring the session and giving us the design challenge.

Wednesday was my recap of the accessibility panel that I hinted at last week. It was really an honor to be on that panel.  I learned a lot from the other panelists and hopefully they can say the same of my contribution.

Last but not least, Thursday covered the winner of the UX Day Best Paper Competition.  Thanks to the hard work of our panel of judges and State Farm’s generous sponsorship, we were able to reward a truly stimulating research project with some extra attention at the conference. Congratulations to Vince Mancuso and his team at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base.