Saturday, November 29, 2014

This week in EID - Episode 31

We had a short week in EID to take a well-deserved Thanksgiving break and enjoy some time with our families.  I hope you all did the same.  Even so, we had some good posts in the early half of the week.  All of them have a positive, holiday feel to them.

We started with a story about wearable computers for blue collar workers.  It is amazing how some ingenuity and user centered design can take a traditionally low tech job and apply some technology to make it better, faster, and safer. 

Tuesday focused on intractable conflicts, not exactly a happy topic on the surface.  But if we can learn more about them, perhaps we can overcome them.  That alone would be a holiday gift worth giving.

And then of course, we capped the week off with a humorous take on human factors applied to Thanksgiving dinner, backyard sports, and driving home.  But of course because safety is the outcome, it is not just funny, it is also important.