Sunday, December 07, 2014

Studio Journal Episode 17 – Dinners Ready

I have mentioned before that the hallways in my building have tight doors facing the outside to keep out the weather outside but 3 inch gaps on the apartment doors between the door and the floor.  This means that smells get from apartments to hallways, but then are captured there.

This is definitely something new for me.  I have lived in apartments that had doors to the outside (a townhouse style and a courtyard style). The except was Brickell where I had a hallway that was very strongly air conditioned so I occasionally got some dinner aromas, but that was it. 

Now, I have to get used to the wonderful smells.  I mentioned this a few entries ago, but I have to revisit it with some details.  Last night I got a great aroma of egg that gave me a craving for a frittata.  This morning there was clearly french toast cooking next door.   The night before I got home late so the incense on the Indian floor had already been lit. The night before that was curry. 

I guess my only real option is to make friends with some of these people and work my way into some dinner invitations!!!