Sunday, August 31, 2014

Studio Journal Episode 7 - last weekend before moving !!!!

Huge shout out to Brad and Jake for helping me with my furniture yesterday.  As I have shared before, I couldn’t find any charities that could pick it up before my move date.  I really wanted to bring it all to a charity, but we couldn’t fit more than one piece at a time, even in Brad’s SUV.  So we were forced to pick one and move the other two to the dumpster/curbside alert (which unfortunately gets very little traffic, so is most likely a dumpster drop).

It took us two hours between the trips to the dumpster and the one that stayed in the car.  Unfortunately, the dumpster is ¼ mile from my house and there is a big hill in between (luckily down).  Since we were tossing two of them, we kept joking about just launching them down the hill.  We did slide them for part of the way, but it would have made a great Vine to just toss one of them.

Brad had errands to run and I felt guilty taking up so much of his time.  I don’t think helping me move was his favorite way to spend a Saturday.  So I left him at Global Thrift and I stopped off at the Waltham farmers market.  I picked up ¼ pound of rat cheese – which is really really aged so that it is like quadruple sharp.  If you like aged cheese, you have to try it. 

I took my cheese over to a local vintner’s booth who is a very knowledgeable oeneologist and entrepreneur.  He has a great strategy – focusing on the fact that many Waltham famers market customers don’t really know jack about wine and can be intimidated by it.  So he has these extensive food pairing recommendations that he makes into recipe cards for each wine.  He has about five wines at any given time.  He spends his time explaining how the wine and food enhance each other, making it easy for a novice to choose.  He also puts a lot of effort into traveling around to local grape growers to taste their crop each season – picking only the most appropriate for whatever blends he has in mind for that year.

So I bought a bottle of Pinot to go with the rat cheese and we sat and talked wine and food and entrepreneurship for about an hour – drinking and eating.  I normally take it home, but I didn’t want to have to pack it and move it.  So I walked home a bit buzzed and then had a ton of packing to do.  I didn’t get as much done as I planned and today has been a real bear.  Tomorrow morning won’t be easy either (the movers come at 2-3pm) and then I will probably be pulling an all-nighter cleaning.  I have to turn in my keys before I leave.

So my next journal episode will probably be after I move.