Friday, May 08, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 53

This week followed the new schedule, but with some really interesting examples. 

On Innovation Monday, we covered the Chop Chop Kitchen.  This is a design that leverage universal design principles to come up with a kitchen design that would be great for almost anyone.  It could be scaled to a large kitchen or down to my own studio size.  Good for the physically challenged of all types.  If you didn’t read this one, please make sure to check it out.

The post on Standing Desks got so much discussion it amazed me at how passionate everyone got. Every Linked In discussion group focused on something else, depending on the topic of the group.  I can’t wait until the follow-up posts next week and the one after.

Then Wednesday’s science topic looked at intrinsic motivation.  Would you feel more special if your waitress gave you a free coffee because you looked like you could use one?  Or because you got ten stamps?  Or more importantly, which one would make you more loyal?

Finally, I hope we provoked some interesting thoughts on brand perception and marketing in the Thursday post on gender.  I am not sure whether I buy a lot of the content myself in this one. But it is certainly food for thought.