Sunday, June 29, 2014

Schick Hydro 5 Groomer Test One

OK, my first experiment with the new Schick Hydro 5 Groomer is in the bag.  Here is my first review (Reminder, I am doing this through Bzz Agent, which means I received the razor for free #GetItFree).

When I took the contraption out of the packaging, the first thing that struck me is that it is much bigger than a typical razor.  It is probably almost as big as most electric shavers.  This is necessary because it has the battery powered groomer on one side and the 5-blade razor on the other side.  The size has the advantage of making it really solid in your hand.  The negatives are that it takes up more space (a constraint in a carry-on toiletry bag) and that it makes it harder to handle when going around your chin, especially with a bony face like mine. 

The second part of my test was playing with all of the parts to see if I could figure them out.  It was pretty easy to figure out how to adjust the three levels of the groomer.  It was also easy to pop off the blade.  What was harder was figuring out how to put everything back together – the groomer blade and the razor cartridge.  It also took a little searching to figure out where to add the AAA battery that runs the groomer.  But luckily, you only have to figure all of these things out once.  Then they are pretty easy. 

As a reminder, I decided to make my first shaving test with five days growth and soapy water instead of shaving cream.  This is pretty common for me because sometimes I shave at work when I have a surprise meeting that I wanted to be well groomed for.  And I can safety say that with a brand new set of five blades and a full reservoir of aloe gel, this razor had no problem with my growth.  Very smooth, close shave.  No irritation.  No leftover clumps of hair in the corners or dips of my neck. 

I am not sure what my next test will be.  I was going to try the more common one-day growth with shaving cream.  But is seems that test is too easy.  I may wait on that one until the blades start to get a little older and see what happens then.