Monday, July 13, 2015

Congressional Scapegoat

There is no way the OPM Director, in the two years she had been director of OPM, with limited budget, no foreknowledge of the specific attack, and a need to divide the security budget across all types of risks, could have foreseen, protected against, and prevented the recent breach.

OPM was the victim of the full power of the People’s Liberation Army cyberattack team (said in the voice of Darth Vader when he turns the Death Star on in Empire Strikes Back).

I wish that she had included in her resignation letter/speech something to the effect of “I submit my resignation because I know that Congress needs a scapegoat so on one blames them for cutting our budget, forcing us to do silly things through unfunded legislative mandates, and expecting miracles.  I willingly face the firing squad to keep the wheels of Congress greased.”

Her D.C. career might be over, but I am sure that some doors would open if she did.