Monday, July 30, 2012

What does "Last Chance" mean ?

Stratfor is probably the best place to go for really deep, insightful, analysis of geopolitics without a political interest (they charge both parties a ton of $$$ for their reports). 

But for 5 business days in a row I have received an email warning me that this was my "Last Chance" to subscribe for 63% off.  They come across as a late night infomercial.

So here is my question.  I have a ton of respect for this organization based on reading their (free) weekly reports for years.  But when they do this annoying and contradictory behavior (about once a year for a week), is that enough to hurt their brand? 

For Stratfor it is particularly relevant because their brand image is largely based on intelligence.  So doing something stupid is more damaging to their brand than it would be for many other organizations.