Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The best apps for your new smartphone

Fast Company and Wired have very similar target audiences.  Tech savvy, business savvy, Gen-X/Millennials. Educated.  Probably a lot like you.

Both of them published their list of top apps to put on your new smartphone.  I thought it might be helpful to share the apps that appear on both lists.  If you are in this target audience, any apps that made it onto both magazines’ lists might be worth a look.

The lists are a little different in their approach so I had to fudge the comparison a little.  Fast Company only published their top seven overall.  Wired published their top picks in nine different categories.  So I looked at which of Fast Company’s seven showed up as one of the top choices in their respective categories on Wired. 


  • Fast Company’s best photo app was Afterlight, which was #2 in Wired’s photography category. 
  • Fast Company’s top news reader was NYT Now, which was #5 in Wired’s reading category.
  • Productivity apps – no overlap.
  • Sharing apps – no overlap despite a few of them appearing on Fast Company’s overall list and two related categories on Wired.  This was surprising.

OK, so I guess I don’t have that many to recommend. This was the point I was originally going to make – wondering why they disagree so much.  I guess there is a lot of personal preference and individual use cases for the person/people selecting the apps to put on the two lists.  But I still expected to see more overlap.

You can click on the links to get the full lists from the individual sources, but at your own risk.