Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marketing vs Usability

This article is a great example of companies find out there is something consumers care about, and the create a cheap/fake way of making us think they are giving it to us, but are really not.

Some people would say government regulations, but I would rather see a good reputation management system integrated into the shopping process. Admittedly, this is easier to do with online shopping, but with mobile apps gaining popularity we will be shopping in the store with our phones pretty soon.

The rep mgmt system would work pretty simply. You would find someone (nutrition expert or friend willing to do it) whose nutrition recommendations you want to follow. Then when you scan the item with your phone on the shelf, you would get the rating/review from that expert. It could be very simple. Instead of having to read an entire article like the one I linked to, each of those products could be rated and you would just have to trust the person you are following.

whole grain wheat 5 stars
white whole wheat 4 stars
whole grain white 3 stars
regular white 2 stars

And then you can pick which one you want based on the stars, the taste, and what you are in the mood for.