Friday, March 27, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 47

So it looks like the semi-structured model for scheduling the EID articles is working out really well.   

Monday’s article was not officially based on a company from FC’s Most Innovative list, but it was perhaps more important because it looked at emerging technologies that could be critical for our future – and how we need to manage the risk involved since there could be all kinds of unforeseen consequences.  Next week, I think we are back to an FC company.

Tuesday’s article on transfer of training from driving games or driving simulators to real driving skill received more comments than I think any post in our history.  There was a Linked In group that debated the fidelity issue back and forth.  I was happy to insert some actual science into the debate – taskflow fidelity leads to transfer of skill and sensory experience fidelity leads to user engagement.  So pick your poison.

Wednesday’s piece on social pressure as a stronger motivator than money also got a strong debate going on Linked In.  Not only did I have some science to support this one, but this topic is a full chapter in my new book (which should be out this summer). 

Then Thursday we closed with a very thought provoking article on Noah Webster and the founding of our country.  If you think that is deep, just wait until next Thursday !!