Friday, October 09, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 75

I had a lot of fun writing the EID articles this week.  I know I often say that we covered my favorite topics, but since I pick the topics that SHOULD be true every week, shouldn’t it?

But seriously, these articles really are fun and my favorites.  The one on Legos, motivation, and parents teaching their kids – I mean seriously, what could be more meaningful than that?

And an article on the foibles of human memory?  Especially when there is a hidden dig at Donald Trump, expertly captured by France’s choice of image for the article.

The HF in History post found an article that breaks our current politically correct limitations, covers another foible of human behavior, and is counterintuitive.  Three for three.

And a design article on call to action buttons for content marketing.  Again, three for three.  And since I used an article from CMI as the base, I got to ping the CEO and CCO of the company.  They are my go-to guys on many subjects so I like sharing their insights and give them a dig when I can.  Plus, they respond to my Tweets.

Have a great weekend.