Monday, June 22, 2015

Prospective memory errors

I am suffering from a string of prospective memory errors today.  

1.  I just got a new computer and it has the button where my old computer had the button.  I use the button a lot to save, cut/copy paste, etc. I keep hitting the button and nothing happens.  At least nothing bad happens!  

2.  I usually eat steel cut oatmeal in the morning. I like the savory/nutty natural flavor rather than oversweetened packets.  But every once in a while I grab a box and eat sweet for a week.  Today is one of those days. The packets come pre-salted, but I am so used to salting the plain ones that I added a few shakes of salt before stopping myself. Doh!  

3.  The oatmeal packets need less water (because the sugar doesn’t need to absorb any). But I am so used to adding a specific amount that I added too much water before stopping myself.  Double Doh!  Watery and salty.