Monday, September 21, 2015

The Trump marketing machine

There is a second story in Trump’s response to that question about what to do about Muslims in America.

What Trump said in response is very similar to his response to questions about all domains.  “We are looking at lots of things.  And we will consider lots of things.” 

What the hell kind of answer is that?  Even if it was a legitimate question about a legitimate subject, “things” is not exactly (or even generally) an answer.  Basically, he is just saying “trust me.”  He may not know anything now. He may not have any solutions now.  He may not have any ideas now.  But he will someday.

Oh gee – thanks.

But the truth is that I don’t think he really intends to be President.  There is not enough money in that.  If you look at the fantastic Business Week cover story about his business, you will see that he makes money from licensing his name.  His other business dealings are mostly losers.  When all he does is stick his name on buildings run by others, cologne and cuff links sold at Macy’s, and so on, he makes money hand over fist.  But as soon as he tries to add his unique insights into the business, bankruptcy court is the next stop. 

So his Presidential strategy makes total sense.  It adds to the value of putting his name on t-shirts and golf clubs without requiring him to do much investment.  And by losing the election, he can get right to it. 

And he will lose.  You can that to the bank!