Saturday, August 23, 2014

Studio Journal Episode 6 – Big Donation

Today I trucked a carload of items to Global Thrift, the charity I talked about last time.  As part of my donation, I gave them two bronze statues that I am pretty sure are quite valuable.  My grandparents got them in China back in the days when going to China was a really rare kind of thing to do.  At first, I thought it was kind of a waste to donate this to a thrift store that would probably undervalue it and sell it for a fraction of what it is worth.  If I donated it to a charity art auction or something like that they might net a better take for the charities.  But I don’t have time to figure that out since I move in a week.  When I gave them the statues, I mentioned that they were valuable and they seemed really psyched to have such cool looking statues.  But I have a feeling that my fears will come true.  Part of me wants to go in to the store next week and see what they price tag is.  But I think maybe I shouldn’t or I will probably have an odd sort of buyer’s remorse.

I still have a lot of stuff to donate because my car can only fit so much.  Plus I have the three big things that I can’t fit in the car at all, nor can I lift them myself.  I am hoping that Brad and his trusty SUV can help me bring those in.  But he decided to go on vacation to NYC with his wonderful family.  So I have to wait until next weekend, the day before I move.  That will stress me out to no end, but what can I do?  Practice my coping skills I guess :-).