Friday, October 24, 2014

This Week in EID - Episode 26

I got one very critical comment on my Monday post on Evolutionary Design via Linked In.  He apparently doesn’t believe in the whole concept.  Evolution might have taught us to seek food, but not mates or tribes.  Luckily, the next commenter came to me defense.  Boy do I love social media !!

On Tuesday, I of course promoted the Future Visions Panel next week at the HFES Conference and UX Day in general.  I hope many of you plan to be there.  It should be a great conference and a great panel.

Creativity is one of my favorite topics, so Wednesday’s post was fun to write and the source article was even more fun to read.  I think there is a lot of good insight into what creativity is here, so recommended reading for sure.

Then I closed the week out with a games/training/gender/biascombo.  Any two of these topics would be the source of many blog topics, so putting all four together was an interesting exercise.  Let me know what you think of it.