Friday, July 10, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 62

I think this was a particularly good week on EID. Here is why:

The research the Thursday article on on-line trolling was based on was really fascinating.  It had some great insights that I think are just as applicable to any kind of behavioral influence.  Parents getting their kids to behave in one way or another comes to mind.  The techniques to reduce online trolling can also reduce any kind of bad behavior.

The Wednesday article is a great example of thinking. I read an article where the author told a story and then proposed a possible reason the story came out the way it did.  Rather than accept the author’s explanation as gospel, I came up with my own. Not because I am a contrarian, but because:
·         Thinking about the story is why I read in the first place.
·         The process of coming up with an alternative is how you learn and grow your knowledge.
·         Posting the idea on EID gives me a chance to test my idea.

The Tuesday article on perceived intelligence has two great uses. 
·         If we discover what kinds of things unconsciously increase perceived intelligence, we can get some good insights into the origins of human nature.  Many of these unconscious assumptions and primes are generalizable to many other situations and contexts.
·         If you want to be perceived as more intelligent, you can exploit these unconscious assumptions.  It is much cheaper and easier than a college degree J.

The Monday article was a topic that I didn’t cross post very much because it is a very sensitive topic. I think my solution concept has some potential, but the situation I described is kind of sad. Anyway, you can read it and let me know what you think.