Sunday, September 06, 2015

Trump Publicity Machine

The GOP oath is a great example of how Donald Trump is a master of marketing.  (Note – this doesn’t change the fact that his policies are either too vague to evaluate or too simplistic to be effective).

Imagine if he took the oath along with all of the other GOP candidates during the first debate.  It would not have been a story.

But by saying no, he created a week-long story that was only about him.  A story about the immigration policies would involve comparisons with other candidates.  But not this one.

Then, when he took the oath last week, he created another story that was just about him.  And this one was even positive.  It demonstrated his “power” that the head of the GOP came to Trump Towers to “accept” the commitment.  And again, there was no relevant comparison with other candidates so the story was all about him. 

In the publicity department, his campaign is doing a great job. If that was all it took to be a good president, perhaps I would vote for him myself.

I can’t believe I just said that!!