Thursday, August 21, 2014

Studio Journal Episode 5 - Last chance donations

In a previous entry, I retold the story about trying to get someone to come pick up the furniture I want to give away.  But none of them have a pickup date before mid-September, which is too late for me.  So I am stuck. 

For the smaller items, I can manhandle them into my car and bring them to Global Thrift.  They donate the sales proceeds to some very worthy causes.  Out of curiosity, I asked the coordinator if he knew of any place that accepted food donations.  He said that I could leave it on the stoop of the church soup kitchen across the street and it would get snapped up pretty quick.  Perhaps the church could use it, but there are so many regulations about food that there is probably a lot they would not be allowed to.  But their customers – they are a different story.  I would have never thought of this, it seems like littering.  But if it will help people who can really use the food, I guess it is worth a shot? 

Has anyone ever tried something like this?