Monday, July 23, 2012

User Interface Quality and Brand Credibility

It is amazing how easy it is to lose credibility based on a simple user interface slip-up, even when the quality and effectiveness of your business is excellent. 

I received an email newsletter from a source that I read frequently, but never interact deep enough to develop a trusted relationship with.  So despite the frequency, I am still a "perennial novice" with them. I would guess that many of their readers are the same.  This means that their brand credibility is not durable. A simple UI mistake like this can be a bigger deal then they seem to realize.

Lesson for the day - proofread your mail merges. 

Postscript  (I have blogged about perennial novices before, but long enough ago that Google search function can't find it.  Perhaps it is time to start keyword archiving.  Is this my own UI flaw that risks my credibility?  Let me know in the comments.)