Friday, June 12, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 58

I can honestly say that the set of four articles this week are among the best we have had on EID.  I know I am biased and since I write about self-delusion all the time, I should be quite skeptical about my own perceptions.  But looking at the comments on the site, Linked In, and Facebook, I think it might be a legitimate evaluation.

I am particularly proud of Thursday’s article on enhancing memory consolidation during sleep.  The underlying research is intriguing as a way to reduce prejudice, but there are many possible applications of this technique for behavioral change.

Wednesday’s article on plain language felt good. I read a lot of legal documents as part of my forensic consulting. They are always filled with legalese and complex sentences so the readability of the words, sentences, and paragraphs is poor across the board.  Although I think the Supreme Court is a little hypocritical given how their legal opinions are written, it was good to see the lawyers get a little comeuppance.

The article on nearables got a lot of response, including from the design company that is developing the technology. Some of you agree with the company that there is a significant advantage of this idea over other beacon tech as well as Bluetooth and NFC.  We will see.

The article on telemedicine got the most response, clearly hitting a nerve.  The passion was high on both sides, with some people thinking that it is truly the solution to the health care crisis for many patient groups and some of you thinking that it is the solution of the future and always will be.  Again, we will see.

As always, your comments are welcome.