Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lies in public life

This week’s episode of On The Media is a must listen. There are several stories about politicians, companies, and organizations playing fast and loose with the facts. 

There are a few key points I took from the show that really hit me in the gut:
  • Many of the candidates in the CNN GOP debate completely lied. Not the usual political embellishments that we have come to expect (which is sad in itself), but bold, bald-faced lies.  Clearly intentional.
  • We don’t seem to care about the lies.  In fact, if they are criticizing something we don’t like or supporting something we do like, we cheer on the lies. Better to believe a lie we like than accept a truth we don’t. What the bleep is wrong with us?
  • We are all suckers for emotional photos and videos on social media. We and them without even a hesitation to see if they are true or not. The example in the show about the Europe immigration crisis is really pathetic. And scary.
If any of you have a chance to listen to the show, I would appreciate your feedback. I am not shocked, but I am saddened by these stories.

What does this imply for our futures?