Friday, July 31, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 65

This Week in EID

All of the EID articles this week were technology related.  We ran the gamut from smart cars, web sites, user interface design, and big data.

In a very rare situation, there was just a minimal reference to self-delusion. We trust the medical recommendations we read on hospital web sites because we want to have faith in their honesty. Otherwise, how would you handle actually going to one for care?  If you had to second guess their motives for every treatment, it would drive you nuts.  Of course, when you see the bill at the end, even if it goes to your insurance company (the so–called Explanation of Benefits), it is amazing how much and how many things they charge for.

The other article I want to specifically point out is the one on adding human curation to big data recommendations.  Many people put all of their trust in technology.  Others put all of their trust in people.  But as usual, the middle path works best.

Have a great weekend.