Friday, December 04, 2015

This Week in EID - Episode 83

We focused on some interesting areas in EID this week.

The Monday post veered into political territory with our discussion of ISIS, social media, and cognitive heuristics.  There is a lot to learn there as we see more and more social media use by governments and in political campaigns.

Tuesday looked at what I see as a really powerful metacognitive skill – intentional intuition.  A commenter wondered if the intention part decreases the intuition part.  I am not sure. Hopefully research can uncover this potential flaw.

Wednesday might be my favorite. We covered a debate between two UX professionals who have very different opinions about the design approach at Apple.  It gets a little heated.  I am more interested in how debates like this can advance our thinking about UX rather than the particulars of their disagreement.

Last but not least, is a great design idea – anthropomorphizing everyday objects like trash cans to make them more effective.  Give them a little wiggle and dance number, and we can’t wait to throw away our trash.  Just think about how many of our bad habits we can overcome if this is generalizable.

I hope you enjoyed the full reads.  Let us know if you did.

And as always, have a great weekend.