Thursday, January 14, 2016

Gun Store with a Twist

I was reading through The Year in Review in Adweek and I came across this very interesting twist on the pop-up store.  Imagine you are a gun buyer and you wander into a new store with all kinds of weapons and accessories for sale and prominently displayed on the shelves, racks, and bins. What a find!

As you browse, you notice something interesting.  The tags don’t focus on the brand and price like typical stores. Instead, each weapon has a tag with a list of the mass shootings, unintentional shootings, homicides, and suicides that the gun was involved in just that year. 

How would you react?

The intention of this store was gun violence awareness, not gun sales. It was sponsored by an organization called States United to Prevent Gun Violence.  They had a hidden camera in the store recording the reactions of the customers.

Watch the video.  You will never believe that the customers aren’t actors – their reactions are precious.