Sunday, September 14, 2014

Studio Journal Episode 10 - New Routines

One of the biggest areas of focus when we study human behavior is the development of habits.  We focus on this because they are such a strong factor in many of our lives.  There are estimates that 45% of or daily activities are unconsciously controlled by our routines and habits.  This is a good thing because it frees up our attention for the more important things we want to do.  But only if we make sure that the habits automate positive behaviors and not negative ones.  Habits get triggered by a context, not by our well-laid goals and intentions.  When we are in a particular place, with particular people, or doing a particular thing, our habits automatically get triggered, whether we like it or not.  They trigger even when we don’t want them to because we are not paying attention.

So that brings me to the subject of Episode 10.  One of the benefits (or risks) of being in a new apartment is that my contexts are all new.  All of my old routines are now subject to revision.  I don’t think I had any really bad habits at my old apartment, but it gives me a rare opportunity to make changes if I want.

So far, I haven’t done much.  I now eat breakfast at my coffee table, with an open notebook and make some notes to add to the book I am writing.  I am hoping that this routine will help me get the book out a little faster. 

Any other suggestions?